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Big Pine and the beautiful Owen Valley have been described as “California’s Hidden Treasure.” While it’s true that the treasures abound here in the Eastern Sierra, Bishop is not quiet as “hidden” as you might imagine. In fact, Bishop is located in the very middle of California, where Highways 6 and 395 intersect. Whether you are traveling from Southern or Northern California, or a major city in Nevada, you’ll drive 4 1/2 to 5 hours to reach Bishop. From any direction, the roads are well maintained and the views are spectacular. Getting here is part of your vacation and we hope you enjoy your journey

Commercial Air Service

Mammoth/Yosemite (MMH) will have daily commercial flights to/from Los Angeles (LAX) AND Denver (DEN) on United Airlines. This will make Bishop and Mammoth Lakes one stop away from over 60 cities in the United States!

Here is some more helpful information about air travel in the area:

Small Craft Airport

US Highway 395 is the route that most visitors drive to reach Bishop, but “the infinite highway of the air” is another, more spectacular and almost limitless, approach to Bishop. Flying above the Owens Valley is an experience that leaves an indelible impression on everyone who takes to the skies here. The magnificent topographic features that make Bishop so incredibly photogenic, also make Bishop a unique flying destination. Bishop’s Eastern Sierra Regional Airport provides a destination for those with the sense of adventure… and a pilot’s license! Read more about the history of the airport and flying in the Owen’s Valley.


The Eastern Sierra Transit Authority (ESTA) provides transit service throughout Inyo and Mono Counties, and inter-city service as far north as Reno and as far south as Lancaster. For more information, call 760.872.1901 or 800.922.1930 (toll free), or visit the website at